For $13.50* "nourish" a child in DR Congo for 3 weeks!

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Feed HIS Sheep

Christian Rock&Soul by Grier 'GB' White


Feed HIS Sheep (CD)


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A neosoul collection of original contemporary Christian lyric compositions that crosses several musical genre. 

At the same time, Feed HIS Sheep is a fundraiser with 100% of proceeds going directly to nutrition centers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

*"A Go forth and serve in 2019" SPECIAL SALE!

[Your purchase can help extend the life of a child by three (3) weeks!]

Someday, Heaven


"Someday, Heaven" is a praise and worship song set in a Latin Soul context (with a little funky bridge). "Someday ..." features a superb "Spanish" guitar solo by Keith Mack (Patti Smyth & Scandal) http://www.keithmack.net/music


Coming events:

"Feed HIS Sheep" can be purchased locally in Rehoboth Beach, DE at  "One Day at a Time Gift Shop"  @46B Baltimore Ave.  Much thanks to the Amylynn for her support!


I'm open to ideas. I want to come to you to share my story and my songs!!!

What people are saying

... songs and messages are awesome. You show such passion through your music 

                                                     - JODI

 Hey buddy, thank you so much for sending your CD. I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think the project is. The musicianship, the performances, the songwriting, the quality of the recording and mastering, even the packaging is all spectacular! Congratulations to you on a fabulous project my friend. All the best, 

                                      -SOL KNOPF (singer/songwriter, "My Baby Girl")

 I especially loved that when we were listening to "Word, Sent to Save" my six year old asked to get a Bible out and found the story of Mary hearing that she was with child. He's listening and connecting. Thanks Grier! And to all friends, please check out Feed HIS Sheep! Not only is the music good but the proceeds go to helping two infant nutrition centers in the DR Congo!

                                                       - EMILY

 I have listened to your CD three times and found more wonderful musical surprises each time. I think it should be played on Christian radio stations. 

                                                  - (Grammy Hall of Famer, the Chordettes) MARJORIE LATZKO


I wanted to tell you how much I love your CD. Very inspiring messages throughout! I loved all of the guest players which I was trying to pick out their parts and things... which was fun. Good work!  Keep it up. The process gets easier the more you do it. Secret... have fun. Peace, 

                                         - RITCHIE RUBINI (producer, Virginia & the New Creation, Von Grey)

"Word, Sent to Save" ... one of the best  contemporary Christian Christmas songs I have ever heard. Congratulations my friend. 

                                          - MIKE LAYTON (singer/songwriter)


Person-to-person sales (cash or check):

  • CD (hardcopy): $10.00
  • At any quantity, CDs cost $10/copy                            

Email GB to receive order through a mailer: feedHISsheep25.40@gmail.com

  • CD by mailer - $13.50 (check or PAYPAL)!

Digital Download:

  • CD Baby card (with special download code) to use on CDBaby.com, now available for $10.00


Click on this link so you can sample my songs. If there are some songs that just don't quite do it for you, you need not buy the card but instead can download selected tracks at $1.29 per song. (Per downloaded song, $1.17 will go toward the cause of "Feed(ing) HIS Sheep."

The big news

My ultimate goal is to raise $5000 to split evenly between nutrition centers in the area of Kananga in DR Congo.


24 days after the arrival of 1000 copies from Disc Makers, $1200.00 has been raised from sales and some donations!!!


8/6/18: $1600.00

8/12/18: $1800.00

8/22/18 (two month anniversary of the CD's arrival: $2298.00!!!

9/30/18: $2885

11/8/2018: OVER $3200!!!

11/30: As November comes to an end, we've hit the $3500 mark!!!

1/23/2019: I awoke to news this morning that an anonymous buyer purchased a download of the songs from "Feed HIS Sheep!" Thanks and God Bless!

2/1/2019: We've hit $3745 in sales and donations. Prayers please for the project taking in another $1255!


I welcome constructive criticism, some of which I might just put on this site.

I'm happy to answer your questions, privately and/or publicly.

Perhaps you're a JEOPARDY fan. Send me anticipated answers from which I might be able to give you your question. [example: "Not only did he record, mix and master, and produce "Feed HIS Sheep," he also provided some tasty keyboard parts and "drove home" the rhythms on seven songs with his expert drums and percussion!" 

(question: WHO IS MARTIN LeMAIRE?)]


My passion for MISSION and MUSIC


Around 2011, I discovered that God was putting on my heart song writing ideas. I had never written 

before - despite my musical background - nor would I intentionally sit down and write a song over the next five years 

without feeling  called upon by God! I started recording these eight songs that would become a CD entitled "Feed HIS Sheep." 

From the beginning of the recording process, I recalled my missions work experience of 2005 in the 

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Pictures of orphans, a homeless man, and families at infant 

nutrition centers were engrained in my brain. As we started recording these songs, it became evident 

how I was to use them. Proceeds from sales would go to the two nutrition centers 

in the city of Kananga; in so doing, I would bring honor and glory to GOD!!!


Matthew 25:31-40

John - chapter 21

1 John 3:16-18

Find out more

The Least of These is DRC

Depending on your source

Depending on your source, unemployment rates in the Democratic Republic of Congo vary from slightly below 50% to around 80%. Economically, the country has recently been hit with a 

50% inflation rate. A 2014 estimate puts 63% of its 

population below the poverty line. As a result, the 

homeless rely on the generosity of the village.

Fundraising drives this project: proceeds from all sales are 

meant to benefit two infant nutrition centers in Kananga, DR Congo!

(Share your address, and I'll send you a 

copy of "Feed HIS Sheep" for $13.*)

*end-of-year special sale

Why "25-40?"


25 is the chapter; 40, the verse. 

From the gospel according to 

Matthew: “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of THE LEAST of THESE 

brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ " (NIV) 

Starting with verse 31, Jesus tells a parable to teach us how we are to treat those in need. When with little thought to our actions that reflect  an unconditional love, we serve the hungry, house the homeless, provide water for those who thirst, visit the imprisoned, and care for the sick, we are ultimately  serving our LORD and SAVIOR.


Let me know if you'd like to support The 25-40 project by purchasing my CD "Feed HIS Sheep."


Let's Connect

Contact me, Grier 'GB' White: feedHISsheep25.40@gmail.com

I welcome comments and questions and seek your support!

God bless!!!


(302) 423-8630

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